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Azure IP stack does not cover the FAT patents.

Microsoft is RIGHT NOW taking major legal actions against companies for selling digital cameras which implement FAT.

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so now Cloudflare:
- hosts website's DNS
- reverse-proxies websites
- runs a DNS over HTTPS resolver
- runs an IPFS gateway

Is it just me, or are they positioning themselves to be able to MITM everything?

More stories of irregular elections / ballot tampering in the United States:

After all the dumb things the EU has decided this week, at least they're getting one thing right:

Interesting thought: "Free will" is a bad model of the world, and targeted propaganda exposes the weaknesses of that model.

Here's an interesting discussion of how moving off centralized platforms in response to their reprehensible actions doesn't really work out:

I have a new mathematical model for evaluating investments. It says that mailing me cash in an envelope will give you the best returns.

The "market based" health care system in the US costs an extra $6000/family/year for bureaucracy compared to the Canadian system.

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re: - Why do private financial firms get to earn interest as a side effect of government spending?

"This is a somewhat advanced, though hardly difficult, topic and is not covered further here."

I'm not sure this writer is clear on the concept of "documentation".

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now, before y'all think i'm just beating up on for the purpose of picking winners and losers, consider this: if we embrace, despite it being a proprietary service, what is to stop other vultures from engaging the fediverse community in the same way?

we must resist all proprietary services, especially ones which promise vaguely to be open source "someday", because "someday" will just keep being pushed down the road.

remember that most VCs cut a company's valuation if they embrace FOSS by at least 10%. i'm not saying that's fair or right, because it's not, but it is a practice they do. and, founders always follow the fucking money.

so when a proprietary service is openwashing from day 1, don't believe the hype.

yes, you'll be able to self-host a blog which is compatible with someday, but it won't be their code that gets it done.

If the US were even slightly interested in democracy, this would have passed by now:

I claim to know something about computers, and I approve this message:

Alex Jones vs. Facebook, and the question of free speech in privately owned public forums:

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