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What are you worried about with Tor browser on android?

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@purism Question -- is one able to use a custom domain for the mail app?

Mozilla: The problem wasn't that you couldn't push updates fast enough, the problem is that you built an innately broken system. If you cease to exist, my browser should still work in five years. And you shouldn't be preventing users from running software of their choice to begin with.

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Eben Moglen in his keynote at #republica:

"The federation of all services is not an inconceivable idea....This is the intended goal of the little gesture I call #FreedomBox: the manufacture of simple, inexpensive, self-administrating servers that we can hold in the palm of our hands and distribute throughout the world like apple seeds."

VIDEO: "Why Freedom of Thought Requires Attention"

Good job Mozilla. Not only did you foist this addon signing bullshit on users and then forget to renew your signing cert, you made your broken browser continuously check for certificate validity and disable already installed and working addons.

Someone really needs to put in the effort to maintain a de-crapified Firefox fork designed to keep working even if Mozilla and all the companies who give them money cease to exist.

@purism Are you going to support custom email domains? How about custom domains for social and chat?

Switzerland is planning to run an election over the internet. Turns out their software has a backdoor that would allow the election administrators to undetectably alter votes.

The security requirements for an election are pretty straightforward. The #1 threat is the people running the elections. Anyone running an election who downplays that point should be treated as actively engaged in election fraud.

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@maxlath @xj9 I commented in that thread and my concerns were (incorrectly) dismissed.

The reason to use a cryptographic hash function like MD5 over a non-cryptographic hash is so that you can write code that ignores the possibility of collisions. Once the cryptographic hash function is broken - as with MD5 and SHA1 - that's no longer true. That broken assumption almost certainly creates bugs, and they're probably security bugs that allow users to at least corrupt your data.

@xj9 CouchDB is awfully sketchy with their continued use of MD5.

Here's why the gun debate isn't just about guns. Making guns isn't that hard, and any regulation that effectively prevented it would also necessarily ban any sort of useful home workshop. This very quickly becomes an issue impacting the right to repair, and more importantly the freedom to tinker.

Great. Apparently the New England Journal of Medicine can't even meet their own commitments on handling statistical cheating in papers they've published. So... you can sign in to buy the book with Google, Facebook, or, for the privacy conscious, Walmart?

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tech + parenting; birdsite screenshot 

@howtommy Chromium supports embedding, which means that pretty much the entire ecosystem of alternative browsers is Chromium variants. Unless Mozilla decides to change their policy on supporting embedded, Firefox is pretty much a software dead end.

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Annotated version of my #35c3 presentation "Modchips of the State" about hypothetical SPI bus hardware implants in Supermicro servers' BMC:

@sean The only effect of nationalizing companies that already have government-enforced oligopoly (say cell phone providers) would be better service at a lower price. Competition would probably be even better, but there's no evidence that option's even on the table.

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"Big Tech's problem is Big, not Tech" by Cory Doctorow (video)

I missed this when it came out a few months ago, but this is a great talk. I'm becoming more and more convinced that the problems of technology centralization can't be solved without antitrust. Tim Wu's recent book "The Curse of Bigness" also comes to mind here.

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