What do people consider 'forever' file formats. I.E file types that are open source and won't become obsolete quickly and can run on minimalist computers. I know that lots of people consider txt's to be pretty good for everything plain text, but what about odt and odf for word processing and spread sheets? Is ogg, flac or acc better than mp3 for music and audiobooks? Giff for images?

I'm a sci-fi writer and want to know what 'old tech' might still be useful in the future.

Thanks Mastodon!


@ewankeep Could a competent developer easily implement a viewer for a file format given the specification? If so, that's awesome. Text and text-based formats (csv, html, markdown, json, xpm, etc) are great. Uncompressed multimedia (wav, bmp, etc) are good.

Beyond that, the number of existing implementations starts to matter. The code for web standards and widely implemented open source formats is likely to survive forever: jpg, png, gif, mp3, ogg, zip, tar/gz, webm, h.264.

Stuff like odt? Meh

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