@kaniini what the heck, there are more federated projects than mastodon and pleroma. I got my pitchfork ready.


I <3 how instances like photog.social, hackers.town, tootplanet.space and others are MIA in that allow list.

He could of at least included everything on the joinmastodon.org instance picker...


@kemonine even the instance picker would miss all the non-mastodon nodes out there.

Anyways the list seems very random and suggests it is merely based on the author's own follow list.

Like... it federated with switter.at but misses some pretty influential, safe and mainstream sites. I mean...sure switter is valid and an important community but by some standards (workplace) it isn't completely "safe" LOL

This sort of strategy is unhealthy to federation / decentralization.

@dansup @kaniini


True but at least going with all of the instance picker's choices would be a hell of a lot less arbitrary.

I wonder how many similar items are hidden in the freedombone code base.

I also wonder what the freedombox devs would think...

@kaniini @dansup

@kemonine If whitelisting is what the packager thinks is the best default policy I am fine with that, but I would prefer it had an EMPTY list by default, not one that is hard coded with the package manager's personal favourites as a starting point.

That's a terrible precedent to set. It encourages centralization (new users will instinctively pick whitelisted hosts etc) which is bad enough. The fact the list is arbitrary is doubly bad.

@dansup @kaniini


It's also 100% contrary to the point of self-hosting.

If you can't talk to others who are self hosting why boether self hosting at that point?

You lose a painfully large amount of the utility of having your own single-user node.

@kaniini @dansup

@kemonine @msh @dansup @kaniini

lol. Freedombone pleroma blocks all freedombone pleroma instances.

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