the most important think to know about mongodb is that you should probably use PostgreSQL unless you know you'll need certain mongodb-specific features that PostgreSQL can offer. in which case you should use CouchDB instead.

@xj9 CouchDB is awfully sketchy with their continued use of MD5.

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@nat their use of md5 doesn’t appear to result in any security risk. they aren’t using it for auth, just to checksum attachments.

@maxlath @xj9 I commented in that thread and my concerns were (incorrectly) dismissed.

The reason to use a cryptographic hash function like MD5 over a non-cryptographic hash is so that you can write code that ignores the possibility of collisions. Once the cryptographic hash function is broken - as with MD5 and SHA1 - that's no longer true. That broken assumption almost certainly creates bugs, and they're probably security bugs that allow users to at least corrupt your data.

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