@marksherman You know about teaching. Are elementary school teachers really trying to teach reading by osmosis?

@nat it's a fun reminder that humans will naturally guess at answers to things and naturally convince themselves that they're right. This seems particularly egregious. Evidence-based practice is all the rage in the teacher training programs I've dealt with, and it sets teachers up to incorporate new research findings throughout their career.

@nat what i find really scary is there teachers would do better if they just used the old-fashioned method. "Hooked on Phonics," the product, was shown to be ineffective, but phonics itself is critical. "Look at pictures and guess" seems like a bastardization of context clue strategies, which, as you know, you use AFTER you've phonetically figured out a new word. How were these teachers taught to read when they were children? What happened since then to think this is better? (💸)

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