Apparently RiteAid requires a Google account to schedule a COVID-19 test.

Oh. Hell. No.

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1975: "Let's build the Internet, a network that can survive a nuclear war!"
2021: "Let's host everything on the server of this one discount bookshop!"

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We're indoctrinating our entire population into thinking that they can't function without the miracle (**spits) of Zoom/MS Teams/Google Hangouts/Webex, etc. Well, that's bullshit. Talk about sowing learned helplessness & foreign corporate dependence. Why aren't our national educational authorities (yes, NZ Min of Ed, looking at you) organising a far more cost-effective, proven, *local* services for education, like using BigBlueButton? They have *no idea* what they're doing with regard to tech.

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The law needs to apply to government officials. The case below should result in both personal civil liability for damages caused and whatever the charges are for using a stolen license plate.

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swerfs, internet censorship 

Anne Wagner of FOSTA/SESTA is now pushing to go after OnlyFans

There's a You're Wrong About episode that traces the bad faith framing of a lot of this, a pivot strategy from anti-porn and even satanic panic (!) propaganda pushers

(Sorry for the Apple Podcasts link, it's the only webpage they've provided for individual episodes.)

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Today I saw someone describe all non-social-media, non-newspaper websites as "the dark web". Big oof from me

Apparently states are banning high power PCs now. Spoiler: High end gaming rigs are meaningfully the same devices as high end compute workstations - you can't ban 4K gaming without banning, say, medical research.

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And the digital Dark Age analogy is, I think, a compelling one. I've fleshed it out here:

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1. us congress recently passed a law to make it illegal for ISPs to charge an equipment fee on hardware that you already own, yay

2. at&t fiber-to-the-home evades this by placing secret authentication keys into their otherwise standard combo wifi router + ont (fiber modem).

so you ahem, could, wink, use your own equipment, but the service won't work when you do 🤢

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Popular webcomic "The Oatmeal" no longer asks people to follow them on #Facebook, #Twitter, #instagram etc. Here's their explanation as to why (contains minor swearing):

(from )

PS Currently if you want to follow them, visit here:

As I suspected, you can't fix gerrymandering by making rules about voting district shape.

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I refuse to run Docker containers inside of Linux Containers so my options are…
- Install manually and make upgrading a pain in the ass
- Don't use the app

As much as I would *love* to use it, the reliance on Docker for managing 100% of the stack is a *hard* no. Figuring out how the image has changed between releases would make manual maintenance absolute hell and I am unwilling to shoulder that burden.

Not everyone is *able* to use Docker and not everyone is *willing* to use Docker. By not supporting any other deployment method, you are preventing some individuals from using what could be *the* application they've spent years looking for.

Let the admin decide how to architect their own systems. They know their backend better than you do.

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Good job Canadian parliament. Way to play into the "COVID panic is destroying democracy" narrative. Regardless of the intended goal or actual effect, voting to "suspend elections" is not a good look.

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@fribbledom I have three, dunno which is the most controversial, but let's go with this one:

Writing a program for an imaginary model user is stupid and produces inferior UX. If you don't have a real user at hand, write a program that you yourself would like to use.

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proprietary (no source code included) s/w is like supermarket packaged goods without ingredients label. And you know how bad that would be.

It's not that everybody reads the list of ingredients, but that *anybody* could, & that organisations can randomly sample to confirm the list adds up.

We need this for software just as much as food:

- 20% evil, sends data to Google
- 38% screwed, displays adware based on that data
- 17% previous purchases shared with Amazon
- 26% audio history to Apple

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Just published Google lawsuit evidence indicates that like always retained users' location data, even if disabled in user interface, to the extent that its own employees flashed LineageOS on their phones to avoid tracking. Full thread on

#privacy #google

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Imaginative fiction trains people to be aware that there *are* other ways to do things and other ways to be, that there is not just one civilization and it is good and it is the way we have to be. -- Ursula K. Le Guin

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